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Welcome To Prometheus

Prometheus is the worlds #1 AUTOMATED Artificial Intelligence Robot System built from the ground up by professional digital assett traders and investors 

This Brand New "life Changing" technology has now been made available to YOU as of 2022.... Congratulations!

Don't Take Our Word For It 

Nanda here from the UK was one of our first BETA users. She spent less than 10 minutes setting up her first 2 bots using our simple setup guide and within 3 days, she had made over $20,000 in pure profit.... 0 Previous experience.... 0 knowledge of the markets or trading.... 10min setup time... 24/7 5-Figure profits.

It doesn't get any easier than this..... Period! 

Watch our demo video

Check Out The Bots In Action and Why You Need To Get Involved

Real. Automated. Results 

What Seemed Like Science Fiction Is Now Reality......

Prometheus leverages cutting edge A.I. bots to execute lightning fast micro trades in real time … Faster than even elite traders … With zero errors … Driving results from the moment it’s activated. 

No Experience Needed

Prometheus doesn’t need you to know anything about trading. We’ll teach you everything you need and more, but you’ll never have to keep updated with the market unless you want to.

Scale On Your Schedule

With Prometheus you can get started for as little as $100* … Then scale or simply allow the system to reinvest your profits for the magic of compound interest we cover recommended amounts & best practices inside the training

Risk-Free Trading

With Demo Learning Mode You’ll be encouraged to start in demo mode to see the bots in action. Once you’re comfortable (and you see the mind-boggling potential) you’ll be able to activate your actual account.

Strategy #1 - The Fast Cash Strategy

Inside our detailed video training guide, we will show you how to pick coin pairs to use for explosive fast profits (spolier, this is the strategy Nanda used) 

Strategy #2 - Passive Monthly Profits

Our second strategy shows you how to set up a bot to generate monthly passive income.... Want to retire next week? This is the one you should use.

Strategy #3 - Compounding Wealth

Albert Einstein called compound interest "The 8th Wonder Of The world" In this strategy we show you exactly how to use the bots to generate "Generational Wealth"

Our 4-step Process

Using prometheus is as easy as 1, 2, 3....

Step 1

Join Prometheus Via The Links On This Page

Step 2

Integrate prometheus with your wallet (securely via API) 

Step 3

Choose your strategy (fast money, passive or compounding).... Chose the recommended coin pairs for your chosen strategy... Hit the "Start" button 

Step 4

Go get on with your life... travel..., spend time with the family.... come back in a few days to check your profits (which you can withdraw at any time)


Don't worry... All your funds are kept in YOUR wallet at ALL times. You never send your funds to us EVER.

Check your profits on the go

If you're out and about or you just want to check your prometheus profits on the go, we have you covered with the mobile version of the app. You can stop and modify your bots on the go too if needs be.

Twice as safe as most banks

The only person who has access to your funds is YOU. You don't send any money to us, your funds are kept inside YOUR wallet. The bots just plug in via API - they can't withdraw or access your funds and they won't do anything without your permission. Furthermore, everything is encrypted with 2048-bit encryption, TWICE as much as most banks.

100% Risk Free

Well your investment in Prometheus is 100% risk-free as we've already covered with the money-back guarantee … PLUS if you have buyer's remorse after getting in you can get an instant refund simply by not signing the NDA. We don't want you to feel any pressure at all. In terms of the funds you put into the market, understand that all investments are speculative … and you should only invest funds you are comfortable losing. That's the 'legal' part. The reality, as you've seen, is that Prometheus reduces the speculative risk of trading to the absolute MINIMUM, far lower than you'd be exposed to in any other program. Remember one of our founders, Will, who is EXTREMELY risk averse … and he's 'all-in' with Prometheus. This is all possible because the bot makes you money when the markets go up, when they go down, and when they go sideways … so while theoretically losses are possible … The odds are STACKED in your favour to see consistent, above average results over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the answers to some of our most frequesntly asked questions

How Much Can I Expect To Profit With This?

That will depend on many factors, but mainly how much you invest. While you can start with as little as $100, we recommend about $3,000 for a fast start. But if things are tight right now, start small and let the magic of compound interest work for you.

How Fast Can I Start Seeing Profits?

We can't guarantee an actual time because there are always variables beyond anyone's control. However Prometheus starts working the INSTANT your bots are activated and we've seen multiple beta testers generate profits on their very first day.

What Other Costs Are Involved?

The software company we partner with has its own full-time development team that constantly updates the software. So they offer 3 different monthly plans: $29 / mo will get you access to 2 bots, which is perfect for starting. Once you're in profit, you can always upgrade to their 5 bot plan for $69 / mo. Apart from this, you'll need to add in your own investment funds. Again, you can get started for just $100 and work your way up - we recommend more, but it's completely up to you.

Is My Money Safe?

Yes! Which is very important because there have been many bot-related scams in the past .. I've even personally lost $15,000 because of one … so Prometheus is different. The only person who has access to your funds is YOU. You don't send any money to us, your funds are kept inside YOUR wallet. The bots just plug in via API - they can't withdraw or access your funds and they won't do anything without your permission. Furthermore, everything is encrypted with 2048-bit encryption, TWICE as much as most banks.


With Prometheus & AI technology … We’re getting results MAGNITUDES higher than any other investing we’ve ever done. Often generating higher returns in a single month than other assets make in an entire year.

Right Place / Right Time

The incredibly accurate Stock To Flow Model has correctly predicted all of BTC's major moves … It now forecasts a massive leap in the next few months … Making now the BEST time to get started with Prometheus


Minute-By-Minute Results

Our AI bots exploit profitable trading opportunities faster & more accurately than any human … Allowing you to make daily gains whether the market is going up, down or sideways. Now the natural market volatility is your new best friend

Our Users

More Testimonials From Just A handful Of Prometheus Users

Carl Sorensen

Carl from Germany joined us here at Prometheus at the beginning of the year. 

His aim was to generate 1% - 2% per day passively. 

After spending 15 minutes setting up 4 bot', the results blew away his expectations


Azri Azahari

Azri joined Prometheus in mid Febuary 2022 and within a week she has managed to hit her 1% per day target

She spent her first week in Demo mode experimenting with different coin pair recommendations. As soon as she saw some good results in Demo mode, she switched to live    

You can see her reults.


Sharon came to prometheus after a long history of getting scammed by different courses and online programs.

On the verge of giving up, she decided to give Prometheus a try.

Within 24 hours, she was already celebrating making her very first money online 

Congratulations Sharon!

Marty Skiadas

Marty joined prometheus in early March and set up a few bots  

19 days later and he's making $1756 per day in pure profit.

He's so far made a total of $30,000 in bot profit and is projected to make over $640,000 by the end of the year.

Marty has secured his financial future in just 19 days... Now it's your turn

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